Health & Fitness

About Health and Fitness


The Health & Fitness major will provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of human health. Students will gain a strong foundation in the function of the human body along with a thorough understanding of the principles of human performance.

Program Learning Goals

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the functional anatomy & physiology of the human body.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physiological basis for exercise and physical activity in direct application to physical fitness and athletic conditioning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of nutrition and the role of diet and exercise on body composition and weight control.
  • Effectively communicate health and fitness information to clients and organizations.
  • Effectively assess individual fitness levels and evaluate health and fitness activities.
  • Effectively design health and fitness programs by using assessment data and current research.
  • Instruct individuals and groups in a variety of activities through the application of fundamental principles of health and fitness.
  • Apply safety procedures and manage emergency situations.
  • Understand and comply with legal and ethical standards in health and fitness professions.
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