Health & Fitness

The Health & Fitness major will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of human health. You will gain a strong foundation in the function of the human body along with a thorough understanding of the scientific principles of human performance.

With a broad array of choices for your elective classes, you can tailor your program to your individual interests and ultimate career goals within the health and fitness fields.


  • A curriculum that includes basic courses on the structure and function of the human body, with a progression into classes that focus on how the body functions during exercise and how to promote proper fitness and nutrition in specific populations.
  • Opportunities to apply learning to practice through career field experience and internships.
  • Courses that involve active learning and projects focused on preparation for post-graduation success.


  • All students complete at least one experiential learning opportunity before graduation.
  • Students are prepared for employment in areas such as corporate wellness, personal training, strength and conditioning, health services, community health, and health education.
  • Students also may choose to enter graduate programs in exercise physiology and other related fields, or clinical programs such as Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy (note that additional Muskingum University courses outside of the Health and Fitness major will be required for entrance into these programs).
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