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Bob Patin ’64 gives "The Discipline of Trust" lecture on campus
Bob Patin

Muskingum was honored to have Bob Patin ’64 on campus in late October to present an installment of his engaging speaking series titled “The Discipline of Trust: A Critical Skill for Effective People and Organizations.” Students, faculty, and staff packed the Colloquium Center in the Smith Library to hear Bob share how people and organizations who master the discipline of trust are ultimately more successful in life and work.

During the thought-provoking address, Bob explained that trust is the most valuable commodity in the world and stressed the importance of “getting off social media and getting eyeball to eyeball with people as fast as you can.” He also shared anecdotes and tips on how to build and regain trust, and the highlights and benefits of doing so.

Bob is the founder of The Bottom Line Club, consultants specializing in executive coaching and talent management, including succession planning, development plans, and performance management. He advises clients from large- to medium-sized businesses, as well as both corporate and family owned operations. Previous to the Bottom Line Club, Bob was the CEO of CAN Life and Group Benefits Companies, and Chairman and CEO of Washington National Corporation, among other leadership roles.

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