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Chancellor Randy Gardner Visits Campus; Meets with President, Faculty, and Students
Chancellor Randy Gardner and President Susan Hasseler with John and Annie Glenn Public Service Fellows

Ohio Department of Education Chancellor Randy Gardner made a scheduled stop in New Concord this week to tour campus and to learn more about key institutional initiatives. Chancellor Gardner kicked off the visit with a stop in President Sue Hasseler’s office where they discussed a bit of the University’s history and its impact on the region.

The pair then made their way to Smith Library to meet with the inaugural group of John and Annie Glenn Public Service Fellows, a four-year experience designed to transform student participants into active citizens and public servants. The group of six students was joined by Provost Dr. Nancy Evangelista and Assistant Professor of Education Keith Eberly for a lively discussion about the program, students’ backgrounds, and various campus and community activities in which the group is currently involved.

During the visit, Chancellor Gardner and Muskingum University reps also discussed:

To close the visit, President Hasseler and Chancellor Gardner took a quick tour to view some of Muskingum’s athletic facilities, among other key locations and buildings around campus.

Thanks to Chancellor Gardner and his team for taking time out of his hectic schedule for the productive visit!

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