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Announcing the Muskie Safe App
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The Muskie Safe app, which has been customized for the University, will let students and employees take control of their personal safety through multiple features. During a late-night walk home, for example, users will be able to connect remotely with a friend or family member to track their location in real-time. 

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Of most immediate use is the self-health assessment students and employees are required to complete every day before 10:00 a.m.  The self-health assessment is a vital component of the University’s strategy to maintain a healthy, in-person living and learning environment.

Other important components of the app include a quick connection to Muskingum’s 24-hour University Police Department should they need assistance, plus access to safety alerts from campus officials and easy access to online reporting forms.

Muskingum’s implementation of the Muskie Safe App is the result of a shared effort among the Office of Equity, Compliance and Risk Management, the Division of Student Affairs, and the University Police Department. The University is committed to providing a safe environment conducive to the learning process. 



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