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Muskingum Holds 5th Annual Day of Giving: March 14-15, 2023
Day of Giving

Muskingum University will hold its fifth annual Day of Giving, beginning March 14 at 6:00 a.m. and continuing for 1,837 minutes of celebration until 12:37 p.m. March 15, 2023.

This year’s Day of Giving theme is ALL IN for Muskingum. Our Muskies are ALL IN for their classroom, co-curricular, and athletic activities, and our faculty and staff are ALL IN for our students.

You can join us and go ALL IN by donating to any of these five vital areas.

  • Student Scholarships and Financial Aid. Your gift will help support the 99% of undergraduates who receive University scholarships or financial aid to attend Muskingum – 50% of whom demonstrate significant financial need.
  • The PLUS Program. Since 1983, the PLUS Program has provided comprehensive academic support services for students with learning differences. Your gift helps PLUS Program students acquire customized learning strategies, content tutoring, and skills for success at Muskingum and beyond.
  • The Greek Muskingum Fund Scholarship. These new Greek scholarships will be awarded in the coming academic year to one or more active members of each Greek organization designated for donations. Your gift of any size increases the number of awards available, with every $5,000 donated on behalf of a Greek organization equaling one fully funded student scholarship.
  • Developing Multicultural Men. This new vocational exploration program connects male students of color with community partners through workshops and networking opportunities and provides first-year students with peer-mentoring by upperclassmen. Your gift will help students find community, discover meaning and purpose, and identify experiential learning opportunities.
  • Athletics. Your gift to the general athletics fund will help provide student-athletes with outstanding athletic and academic experiences and will strengthen the overall competitiveness of Muskingum’s athletic programs.

You can further leverage your gift by offering a match or a challenge and by becoming an advocate and encouraging your classmates, friends, and family to support Muskingum.

Learn more now and go ALL IN on March 14-15 by donating online or by calling 740-826-8130. 

For updates and to share in campus activities celebrating your commitment to Muskingum, follow us throughout the Day of Giving: #ADayToRemember2023 on Facebook @muskingum.alumni and Instagram @muskingumalumni.

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