Muskie Safe Pledge

As a member of the Muskingum University community I recognize my responsibility to take measures to protect myself and others from the spread of infectious diseases. To that end, 

I will be responsible for my own health to protect both myself and others, including proper hand washing and frequent use of hand sanitizer; regularly disinfecting my living space and personal items; wearing a face covering that includes my nose and mouth in all public spaces and as required by the University; and practicing safe physical distancing always (6 ft away) indoors and outside.

I will complete the MuskieSafe App health screening daily and follow all health protocols based on my results.

I will respect the efforts of others to reduce the risk of COVID 19 transmission.

I will comply with all screening and testing protocols. If I am identified as displaying COVID 19 symptoms, or as a close contact of somebody who is being tested or has tested positive for COVID 19, I agree to be tested for COVID 19 and will follow self quarantining orders. If I test positive for COVID 19, I will follow all requirements as explained by the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department or other government agency.

I will carefully observe instructional signs and follow directions and updates as they are made available and will continue to follow all University policies and expectations.

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