Master of Occupational Therapy

Admission to MOT

Admission to MOT

The MOT program at Muskingum is currently accepting applications.


Applying to the MOT is an easy process. 

Download and complete the MOT admission packet being sure to include the following:

Prerequisite Courses

A Baccalaureate degree is not required to begin MOT courses; however, students must have foundational knowledge to inform further learning, and may be required to complete prerequisite content courses.

Have a question?

Please contact the MOT program director, Dr. Mary Arnold, at 740-826-8466 or at



Prerequisite Courses for Application to OTA-MOT Program

The Muskingum University MOT Program is a weekend format for individuals who are already credentialed as occupational therapy assistants. We do not require a Baccalaureate degree in order to begin MOT courses, however in order to be prepared for MOT content, students must have foundational knowledge to inform further learning. The following content will be required as prerequisite. Applicants will need to receive MOT program director approval of the following general education areas. The content is more important than the specific number of credits, as long as it is transcripted and approved by MOT Program Director as meeting the requirement. These courses can be taken at any institution and approved by Muskingum University or they are available here.

Abnormal Psychology 3 semester credits
Anatomy & Physiology 6 semester credits
Human Development 3 semester credits
Human Disease 2semester credits
Statistics 3 semester credits

Although not a hard requirement for 2020, a neuroscience prep course is in development for offer in Spring II. This course will prepare student for NRSC 605, Cognitive Neuroscience, that is a course in the MOT curriculum. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that students take this course when it becomes available.

In addition, applicants must have credit or an approved course as substitute for the following occupational science courses prior to application to the MOT Program. They are available online via the Muskingum Adult Program in a fully online format. Beginning in September, 2017 they further must be taken in this order.

HLSC 351 Occupational Science 3 semester credits
HLSC  453 Elder Cognitive Health and Wellness 3 semester credits
HLSC 455 Sensory Function Across the Lifespan 3 semester credits

In order to facilitate completion of the prerequisite courses in time to apply for the MOT Program, a schedule of course offerings has been developed that will make each of the Occupational Science courses available twice per year (beginning fall, 2017), for a total of 4 sequences by September, 2020.

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