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Fall 2023

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Spring 2023

Wednesday, January 25: Teaching in the Era of ChaptGPT

3:00-4:00pm, Walter 10 and Teams

Tuesday, February 7: Hands-On ChatGPT Workshop

3:30-4:30pm, Boyd Science Center 240

Thursday, February 16: Spring 2023 Lightning Rounds

11:00am-noon, Teams

Join us as your colleagues provide their quick tips for promoting engagement in and out of the classroom. Featuring Brian King ("Being the Supreme Court: Using Simulations to Promote Active Learning"), Matt Davis ("The Bucket List: Standards for Student Focus"), Ashley Zehner ("Understanding SEL to Embrace Different Learner Needs in the Classroom"), Shawn Starcher ("Self-disclosure, Surveys, and Music to Create Relationships"), and Erin Bauer ("Structured Engagement: How to Get Students to Speak Up in Class").

Tuesday, February 28: Let's Talk E-Portfolios

11:00am-noon, Boyd Science Center 336 and Teams

Wednesday, March 1: Workshopping Lightning Rounds

3:30-4:30pm, BSC 240 and Teams

Tuesday, March 21: Understanding and Responding to NSSE Data

11:00am-noon, BSC 336 and Teams

Thursday, March 30: Digging Deeper into NSSE

11:00am-noon, LIBR 243 and Teams

Tuesday, April 4: Applying Lessons from the Ballfield to the Classroom: A Conversation with Athletics

11:00am-noon, BSC 336 and Teams

Fall 2022

September 27, 2022: Assessment Refresher

Amanda Adams and Hallie Baker host a conversation about classroom and institutional assessments at Muskingum.

September 29, 2022: CTL Discusses! Attendance

How is your attendance in class this semester? Is it starting to drop off as students' other assignments and extracurricular commitments pile up? Let's brainstorm ideas to get students back in their seats as we discuss The Chronicle's recent article "Why Students Are Skipping Class So Often, and How to Bring Them Back."

October 12, 2022: DEO Testing Accommodations Process for Faculty

Curious about the DEO testing accommodations process? Join Leann Elkins and Lindsay Carr as they share information to help make the DEO testing process effective for all those involved.

Spring 2022

February 15, 2022: Quick Teaching Tips Lightning Rounds

Five new-to-Muskingum faculty members shared their quick teaching tips.

March 1, 2022: Supporting Students' Mental Health Needs

Dr. Dinah Meyer, Tracy Bugglin, and Leah Shirer host a conversation on how instructors can support their students during mental health challenges.

March 17, 2022: Managing the Inevitable: Diversity, Inclusion, and Difficult Conversations - A Conversation with Teresa Ramey

As higher education moves toward a more inclusive environment, it is inevitable that there will be conflict, misunderstandings, and opportunities for discussion.  How do we best address these matters in the classroom? How do we create an environment that allows for civil discourse, and how do we manage our own biases?

April 5, 2022: Fostering Self-Reliance in College-Level Skills

Melissa Conroy, Jay Shaffstall, and Colleen Stevenson share how they set expectations, incorporate professional skills, and integrate study skills in their classes.

Fall 2021

October 21, 2021: Student Engagement Lightning Rounds

Five Muskingum faculty members share their quick tips for increasing student engagement. Watch the video presentations by clicking HERE (requires a email address).

tickets inviting faculty to lightning rounds on october 21

November 1, 2021: Lightning Rounds with Otterbein University

Join Ana, Brian, and Alaine as they team up with faculty from Otterbein to present at a Lightning Round event. This virtual event will be held at 3:30 on November 1st.

lightning rounds with otterbein invitation


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