Taylor, Richard

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Richard Taylor headshot

Richard Taylor

Associate Professor of Physics
123 Boyd Science Center
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Research Interests
- Designing data acquisition systems
- Developing web based simulations using Javascript
- Performing magnetic field calculations and measurements
University of Delaware, Ph.D. in Physics
Delaware State University, M.S. in Physics
Delaware State University, B.S. in Physics

Richard was the founding Chair for the Engineering Science program and its initial accreditation with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Every fall semester, he teaches Introduction to Physics and Engineering or Introduction to Senior Project (both team-taught), Conceptual Physics and Measurements. Every spring semester, he teaches Physics for Video Games, Classical Physics I, Thermodynamics, Theoretical Physics I and Senior Project (team-taught). His interests include designing data acquisition systems, developing web-based simulations using Javascript and performing magnetic field calculations and measurements.

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