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Caudill, Tom

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Tom Caudill

Tom Caudill

Assistant Athletic Director
Director of Athletics Communication
Assistant Professor of Athletics Communication
144 Caldwell Hall
Phone Number
M.A.E., Muskingum University
B.A., The Ohio State University

Tom Caudill serves as Director and Assistant Professor of Athletics Communication at Muskingum University.
Caudill spearheaded a campus-wide effort to make Athletics Communication and Sport Administration academic majors at Muskingum. The new programs, under the direction of Caudill, debuted in the fall of 2016 and positions Muskingum graduates to be highly-qualified candidates for jobs in college athletics, professional sport organizations, amateur sport organizations, and numerous other jobs in the sports industry market.
Throughout his tenure at Muskingum, which has included serving as President of the Ohio Athletic Conference Athletics Communication Directors, Caudill has administered and run all home athletic events for 21 varsity sports, supervised and managed numerous Ohio Athletic Conference Championship contests and NCAA Regional Championship events.

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