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The Columbarium at Muskingum University

Muskingum University’s timeless beauty and rich history has provided an enduring and significant sense of place for generations of Muskingum alumni and friends.


The University’s columbarium offers a serene and dignified setting for those whose deep sense of place leads them to consider Muskingum as a final resting place.

Situated in the natural amphitheater of the hillside below Brown Chapel, the columbarium is surrounded by a tranquil area for meditation and contemplation. A curving walkway provides comfortable access to the site, which is the location of Muskingum’s historic spring.

The columbarium features a memorial wall holding individually engraved niches, each of which accommodates up to two urns for ashes. Muskingum University will provide perpetual care for the property.

Muskingum alumni, their spouses, and other eligible persons may purchase a full or partial niche. Fifty percent of the purchase price is a tax deductible contribution to the University.

For additional information, call 740-826-6105 or email

The word columbarium comes from the Latin word columbary, meaning dovecote, a nesting place for doves. In Christianity, the dove is regarded as the symbol of the holy spirit.

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