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2021 Alumni Award Panel

Highlights from the Distinguished Service Award and Emerging Alumni Award winners during the 2021 Alumni Award Panel

2021 Award Winners

Alumni Award Panel Highlights

Bill Baker '57

“Without this, I wouldn’t have met wonderful people. I met a lot of great people, and even if I had not sat in a class, meeting those fine people would’ve been worth it.”

Kathy Lee '76

“It's the power of the place. The experience that you have when you live here for four years and you walk the paths every day, walk up and down the hills and hope the sidewalks don’t freeze. But the other part of that is the people that experienced it here with you: the folks you got to know, the folks you learned to love.” 

John Hoopingarner '76

“The liberal arts education that we received was invaluable. I think it really allows you to look at the big picture of the world and the work that you do on a day-to-day basis, and I think that makes you make better decisions.” 

Landel Shakespeare '12

“[Being a liberal arts school] forced me to step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t have to just be one dimensional, and I know that made me a well-rounded person. It forced me to make sure I took other classes and made me respect the other professors and see why they chose this path.”

Dustin Eubanks '07

“In my world—the business world, the tech world, I couldn’t imagine going to another place. If you think about professional specialization, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. When I was here, I learned a lot of different skills. I think going to a place like this where we talk about well-rounded education, where we learn more than just our craft, we will be better leaders in the community.” 

Madee Stones '18

“The nursing faculty, as a whole, really worked together to make sure that they catered to each student’s needs and make sure they know what’s going on with them. They pay attention, they know what’s going on with each student, and I think that’s super important. It makes us feel like we are being invested in.” 

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