Public Administration

With a focus on applying practical problem-solving skills to complex, multi-layered intractable problems, the interdisciplinary Public Administration major provides you with opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom and apply your knowledge to real-world setting.

You will understand how to analyze and explain decision-making at the local, state, and national levels, solve complex problems, and offer both theoretical and practical solutions to pressing local, regional, national problems.


  • An interdisciplinary education that includes accounting, economics, and other related fields helps you learn how to solve the types of complex multi-faceted problems governments increasingly face
  • A focus on experiential learning provides you with multiple opportunities to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-world setting
  • Internship, study abroad, and student/faculty collaborative research opportunities
  • Ongoing collaboration and faculty mentorship
  • Access to Muskie Alumni Network


Our students experience exceptional graduate school placement rates and are prepared for meaningful careers in the public sector.

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