About Psychology

About the Department
Psychology is a science concerned with the study of behavior, brain organization and mental processes. It is a broad field that intersects with many disciplines, including the biological and social sciences.

Psychologists can be found in such settings as clinics, industry, hospitals, human service agencies, and schools. These professionals function as researchers, therapists, and counselors; consultants to a variety of business enterprises, including conservation, education and government; and behavioral scientists in the broad sense.

Muskingum’s psychology department has outstanding facilities for both human and animal research. These facilities include individual research rooms, the Center for Child Development, which serves both pre-school and school-age children, animal colony rooms, a surgery suite, various observation rooms with sound systems and one-way mirrors, a teaching laboratory with networked computer workstations, as well as seminar rooms and classrooms. The department has equipment for study and research in all the major areas of psychological inquiry.

In addition, the department offers students the opportunity to gain experience outside the classroom. Departmental affiliations enable students to design internships and practica in substance abuse centers, hospitals, laboratories, mental health clinics, programs for individuals with special needs, as well as the department’s child development programs and departmental laboratories. Psychology majors work closely with department faculty and are encouraged to become active in research as they prepare to enter professions that make use of their newly acquired skills or as they make plans to enter graduate programs in a variety of disciplines.

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