Student Opportunities


A distinguished internship opportunity is available with the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, DC.  (To see what the FJC is all about, visit its web site at  Here, students aid in the training of federal judges and other personnel to work in the federal court system.    

There are also related opportunities through the Washington Semester, a semester-long exchange program at American University in Washington DC.  One Muskingum student who recently studied law-related topics there became an intern for a federal judge.    

More locally, faculty members are working with the director of Career Services to organize internships with the Legal Aid office in Zanesville, OH.


A major research opportunity right now is the Washington Semester, the exchange program with American University in Washington, DC.  Students choosing to study law-related topics there have the option of doing additional research in that field, which many then bring back to campus as the beginning of their senior seminar projects.  Beyond this, research opportunities are individual in nature, and revolve around either our law-related courses (Judicial Politics and Constitutional Law) or the senior seminar experience.

Professional Activities

Every year, Muskingum faculty take students to The Ohio State University for a law school expo, which typically includes 60-70 law schools making themselves available for student questions and disseminating information about their programs.

Another unique opportunity involves frequent visits to Capital University School of Law, where, by invitation, Muskingum students are able to spend a day on campus sitting in on classes, visiting with faculty and students, and simply getting a feel for law school.

Also, in the past, Muskingum alumni who are currently in law school have come back to campus to talk about the transition from Muskingum University to law school.  Students have also traveled to the Ohio Supreme Court, both to tour the facility and to sit in on proceedings.  Last fall, the pre-law advisor met with a federal judge working in Columbus who invited our students to visit the federal courts there.

We also have occasional speakers on campus to discuss law-related topics. Recent speakers include Muskingum graduate Chuck Hauff (class of ’86), who is now a prominent intellectual property attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

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