Petroleum Geology

The Muskingum University Petroleum Geology major combines traditional coursework for the bachelor’s in geology with specialized classes focused on the exploration and development of oil and gas, taught by a faculty member with years of industry experience. These courses, in addition to close contact with industry groups and professional geologists, provide opportunities often unavailable to undergraduates elsewhere.


  • Firsthand exposure to industry professionals
  • Specialized coursework emphasizing the multidisciplinary techniques used in oil and gas exploration
  • Opportunities to participate in national and regional meetings and to present the results of individual research
  • Summer internships working with local oil and gas producers, developing relevant skills before graduation


Muskingum graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in petroleum geology find job opportunities working in the oil and gas industry at careers ranging from mudlogging to lab technicians.

Traditional geology training provides preparation for graduate school, with specialized classes in petroleum geology and geophysics.

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