Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary major which provides a broad based education relating to brain function and creates a foundation for you to pursue clinical or research-focused careers. You will delve into understanding the relations between brain function, physiological events, subjective experiences, and behavior.


  • Summer internship opportunities and/or research with faculty members  
  • Ongoing collaboration and faculty mentorship         
  • Superb preparation for pre-professional and graduate programs from one of the first neuroscience programs in the state of Ohio
  • Opportunity to qualify for and join Beta Beta Beta, an international honorary organization
  • Access to Muskie Alumni Network                                        


Many neuroscience students pursue post-graduate education, and we are proud of our outstanding graduate school placement rates. You can find Muskies at graduate schools and medical schools including The Ohio State University, Medical College of Ohio, Case Western Reserve, Indiana University, University of South Florida, West Virginia University, University of Texas, and University of Cincinnati.

Our program prepares students for a wide range of careers including medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacology, industrial science, research, and higher education.

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