Molecular Biology

Connected to biology, chemistry, and physics, and delving into emerging fields such as genetics and DNA testing, our interdisciplinary Molecular Biology major is an exciting and innovative program. Coursework covers the chemical nature of biological processes, and provides a great foundation for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, and veterinary medicine.


  • Integration of theory, applications, and hands-on experience in fundamental molecular techniques in the laboratory
  • Exposure to ethical, moral, and social issues of genetic engineering in discussion classes
  • Opportunities for summer internships conducting molecular biology research
  • Faculty mentorship


Graduates of our Molecular Biology program are prepared for advanced studies including medical school and other professional health fields. They have gone on to graduate study at schools including The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, the University of North Dakota, Wright State University, Case Western Reserve, and Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Potential career paths for our students include physicians, physician’s assistants, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, ophthalmologists, forensic scientists, genetic counselors, professors, and researchers.


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