About German

The German program at Muskingum University centers on the study of the German language, the literary and artistic production of German-speaking cultures, and increasingly, the practical applications of German within the global economy.

The disciplines of English as a Second Language, French, German, and Spanish are combined in Muskingum University’s Department of World Languages. Academic majors are offered in French, German and Spanish, with teacher licensure as an option. Minors are offered in the same three languages and in Teaching English as a Second Language. Interdisciplinary majors with a language component include International Affairs and International Business. The departmental mission is consonant with the University’s Liberal Arts mission and includes the following goals and outcomes:

Providing students with an understanding that the language of a people is an important part of its culture, and that culture manifests itself through the arts, literature, history, and through linguistic, sociological, and political processes.

Providing students with curricular and co-curricular programs, including study abroad (required for majors), that guide them toward proficiency in listening and reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and intercultural awareness.

Providing programs to ensure that graduates will be well prepared to enter a changing job market.

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