Exercise Science

About Exercise Science

Exercise Science describes the multidisciplinary study of human movement during the stress of exercise involving components of biological, physical, and health sciences to explain acute and chronic adaptations like the effects on overall health parameters, pathologies, and its potential to reduce, or reverse, disease progression.


To provide a quality classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience that prepares students to successfully gain employment as a healthcare professional, all done in the context of a liberal arts education.

Program Learning Goals

Upon completion of the B.S. in Exercise Science our students will be prepared to:

  • Gain employment and practice as an exercise science professional 
  • Continue their studies in graduate school leading to a career in a healthcare profession 


The Exercise Science program utilizes a new exercise science lab. Muskingum University is also excited to announce the building of a new Health and Wellness Complex that began in the Summer of 2020 that is set to be finished by Fall 2022. This new facility will include a diagnostic hub, health and fitness complex and equipment, and an athletic training facility that will provide significant learning opportunities for exercise science students to apply what they are learning within the program in a hands-on experience. 

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