Environmental Science

Environmental Science Success Stories

Amanda Logan (Biology, Environmental Science, 2021)

Amanda graduated with degrees in biology and environmental science.  She assisted with the grassland bird research project at the Wilds during the summer of 2018.  Upon her graduation Amanda has moved to Florida and has accepted a position with Hillsborough County as an Environmental Lands Management Technician.

Alex Furst – (Environmental Science, 2019)

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science.  From the beginning Alex had an affinity for ecology and vertebrate natural history.  Alex assisted in grassland bird research at the Wilds during his sophomore year.  When Alex graduated he moved to Florida where he took a position working for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida examining the non-native Burmese python.  During the summer of 2021 Alex applied for and was hired by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to be a non-native fish and wildlife biologist.  Alex has now applied and been excepted into the graduate evolution and ecology program at the University of Florida.

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