Our Biology program is a strong foundation for a wide range of careers, from exploring the great outdoors to the intricacies of cells and molecules. You will see how discoveries are made, understand how biologists think, and apply the scientific process using state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Hands-on exploration of foundational concepts, from systematics to physiology to DNA sequencing
  • Career preparation for Biology-centered jobs through course work, shadowing, networking opportunities and discipline-specific skill-building experiences
  • Access to a nearby 65-acre field station and collaborative work with The Wilds—an 11,000+ acre conservation center
  • Publication-quality research opportunities with faculty members during the summer and throughout the academic year
  • Opportunities to study our extensive collection of animal specimens and preserved plants—including plant type specimens collected from the Rockies in the 1860s      
  • Individualized mentoring from faculty and connections with upper-class student mentors with similar career aspirations
  • Internships in government, business, entertainment, and nature organizations       
  • Access to the Muskie Alumni Network


We are proud of our students’ exceptional graduate school placement rates at leading medical schools, law schools, veterinary schools, physical therapy programs, and graduate schools including The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve, Cornell University, Duke University, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, University of Cincinnati, West Virginia University, and Yale University.           

Our program prepare students for careers in health care, including human and veterinary medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, optometry, and dentistry, as well as a foundation for a career as a teacher, technical writer, lab technician, zoo assistant, or forester, plus work in state agencies, law, or business.

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