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Muskie Profiles: Mallory Fischer ’18
Mallory Fischer

A 2018 graduate of Muskingum University, Mallory Fischer will be continuing her passion for music and theater in graduate school at New York University. We caught up with Mallory following our May undergraduate commencement to reflect on her four-year experience at Muskingum.

Q: When did you first discover your love for music and acting?

A: My love for music and acting stemmed from my childhood. I’ve always been a drama queen (haha). I was really able to start developing my skills and talents during high school. I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer Music Theatre Camp at Muskingum University for 4 summers in a row during high school. That is actually how I discovered MU.

Q: What ultimately made you decide to come to Muskingum University?

A: My decision to come to MU was due to the awesome faculty in the music department, the beautiful campus, and the scholarships available.

Q: What are some core values that you feel have really been developed during your time at Muskingum?

A: Some core values that I developed during my time at Muskingum were independence and responsibility. It was so important for me to learn how to be on my own and how to ask for help when I needed it. Developing these values allowed me to be independent enough to spend a semester abroad in Italy, and now to move to New York City for grad school!

Q: How has your time at Muskingum helped prepare you for graduate school at NYU?

A: I took advantage of as many opportunities as I could at Muskingum. The individualized attention that I received from the music and theater departments, as well as my hard work and passion, helped prepare me for graduate school. I am so excited to begin at NYU and challenge myself in even further ways.

Q: What is your fondest memory you can think of from your time at Muskingum?

A: My fondest memory from my time at Muskingum (although there are many) is probably the end of my senior voice recital that I performed in Brown Chapel. I will never forget seeing all my family, friends, and faculty standing and applauding my hard work. It was the best feeling.

Q: To what are you most looking forward at NYU?

A: I am looking forward to my classes at NYU the most! When I received my schedule, I was thrilled to see that my classes this semester include voice lessons, classes on vocal pedagogy, acting classes, script analysis, and a musical theater workshop. On top of that, I am hired as adjunct faculty to teach voice lessons to undergraduates at the university. I love learning and I love performing & teaching music, so this schedule is ideal for me.

Q: What advice can you share to underclassmen?

A: My advice to underclassmen is to make the most of your time at Muskingum! It goes so quickly! MU has SO much to offer you if you take advantage of it. Make friends. Study abroad. Try something new every day.

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