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Jacquelyn Lenox Tuxill ’63 Authors “Whispers From the Valley of the Yak”
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Jacquelyn Lenox Tuxill ’63 has authored “Whispers From the Valley of the Yak: A Memoir of Coming Full Circle.” 

Jackie was born in Chengdu, China during World War II to medical missionaries. Her family fled to India and later settled in West Viginia. After initially rejecting her connection to her birth country, a return trip to China with her parents in 1980 led to life-changing revelations.

Four years living in Alaska enabled Jackie to better understand herself. She discovered a love of nature and outdoor adventure, along with a passion for environmental work, which led to a 35-year career.  

Over the years after her 1980 trip to China with her parents, she made multiple return trips to her birth country, alone and with her adult children. These experiences enabled Jackie to embrace that which she had rejected as a child: her ties to her birth country.

Jackie earned her Muskingum Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in Biology and completed master’s level coursework at the University of New Hampshire.  She has a son and a daughter, and resides in central Vermont, on the western slope of the Green Mountains.

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