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First year play engages newest muskies

New Muskies from across campus came together to perform “Murder on the Morning Show” on October 11-14, 2018.  

The production featured 13 first-year cast members and a first-year stage manager: David McDonald, Devon Fortune, Danielle Konkler, Sydney Campbell, Cristal Jameson, Charles Herman, Suzanne Packard, Emily Regan, Elizabeth Nease, Owen Young, Alex Bristow, Augusta Kinzel, Christina Tyree, and Violet Woodrum.

The production was directed by upper level theatre majors enrolled in the directing class taught by Professor of Theatre Dr. Diane Rao.  

Several of the student directors, seniors Zackary Devoll and  Nicholas McInturff, began their campus theatre careers by performing in Muskingum’s inaugural first-year play, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.”  Other student directors included Noah Janssen, Johanna Whetstone, and Christopher Lawler.

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