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Master of Occupational Therapy Program Hosts Open House
MOT House Opening

Muskingum University’s newest academic program opened the MOT House to the campus and community, demonstrating how the innovative and interactive Occupational Therapy Laboratory prepares students to excel in this growing healthcare field.

During the event, President Hasseler addressed the inaugural class of MOT students and open house attendees with a brief history of the space, detailing how it is very much rooted in occupational therapy.

"When he retired, former Muskingum University President Dr. Robert Montgomery built this house for his wife Ruth who had mobility challenges.  The space allowed full, one floor mobility and the wide hallways and multiple closets on the main floor were deliberate.  When we were looking for a lab space for our MOT program, this was the absolutely perfect place.  So this house, I think, is happy and it is a wonderful place for you to begin your careers as occupational therapists at the masters degree level."

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