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Students get a 'taste' of the 1950s at Vintage Dinner Party
50s dinner Dr. Karen Dunak

Vintage Dinner Party

Muskingum students experienced a taste of the 1950s as part of Associate Professor of History Dr. Karen Dunak's "Vintage Dinner Party" in the Roberta A. Smith University Library colloquium. Attendees indulged in entrees and desserts, listened to music and reviewed games and cookbooks, all inspired from the 1950s.

The first third of the course the students were participating in focused on the idealized vision of 1950s America. One of the key course texts detailed the importance of color and style and plenty to the broader culture of the 1950s, Dr. Dunak said. It also addressed the emphasis on convenience and mobility and the tension between conformity and expression.

"The party as a whole — and especially the food — aimed to highlight those concepts," she said. "My hope was that tangible representations of these themes would really drive them home and create a memorable event for students."

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