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Professor Barbara Hansen Honored
Barb Hansen

Muskingum University’s Dr. Barbara Hansen, Dave Longaberger Professor of Teaching and Learning and Distinguished Professor of Education, was honored with the 2023 Ohio Council for Professors of Educational Leadership (OCPEA) Engler Award for Exemplary Leadership.

Dr. Hansen has been teaching Muskingum undergraduate and graduate students for the past 15 years. She previously taught English Language Arts to middle school and high school students and served in principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent positions.

She has been a leader in the OCPEA for more than a decade, and as secretary she typically prepares the plaques for the Engler award recipients. “The awards were two weeks away and no one had sent me the information for the award’s plaque,” she recalled. “I wondered why they didn’t have me create it this year, well, turns out it’s because I won the award. I was surprised at first but also very excited.”

Dr. Hansen is a member of the Governing Board of the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center and for nine years has served as Director of Appalachian Ohio P20 council, a nine-county collaboration that brings together education, business, philanthropy, and elected officials.

She describes teaching Muskingum students as a “rewarding experience” which impacts the K-12 Learning Community.

“I work with those seeking licensure as a teacher-leader, superintendent, principal, or administrative specialist. It is challenging but is so rewarding to encourage and support students in reaching their goals,” she said. She explained that guiding those who aspire to be leaders helps Muskingum reach out and be part of the regional K-12 learning community.

“Muskingum students value our small community,” Dr. Hansen noted. “Muskingum is the right place for so many students. Many of our undergraduate alumni return as graduate students because they value the ‘Muskingum way’ and know we are here to help them.”

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