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Art Student Leaves Her Mark in the Bait Shop
Natilie Hill

Natilie Hill, a senior art major from Zanesville, put her artistic stamp on Muskingum University’s campus over the summer. She painted a three-wall mural in the former mailroom that was part of the recent Bait Shop renovation. Now students have a bright, custom backdrop as they eat, study, and socialize.

The mural stemmed from a Henry D. Bullock Health and Wellness Complex branding project in which the David and Karin Kratoville Innovation Fellows participated last year. The mission of the Innovation Fellows Program is to enhance the Muskingum University education of our fellows through the investigation, development, and application of innovation to creations and solutions which result in positive impacts.

“My goal in joining the Fellowship was to become as well-rounded as I could. I hoped to learn from other students of different academic backgrounds as well as learning from the faculty,” Natilie said. “I really wanted to build connections with people that I might have never met because of the many different majors in the fellowship. Being an art major, I really hoped to show my creativity as well.”

Natilie chose to participate in the branding project because she saw that this was going to be a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the marketing and design world, which is what she hopes to be doing after graduation. Her brand concept consisted of a mural. “I thought that my idea of painting a mural might also bring something slightly untraditional in a more professional college setting and hopefully mesh my two worlds between art and business together.”

Natilie Hill and President Hasseler

Three brand concepts for the Bullock Complex were presented to President Susan Hasseler. While Natilie’s mural concept was not selected for that project, she was given the opportunity to apply that concept to a new project.

“Even though I was excited about the BHWC Welcome Wall, I could not have been happier with that news,” Natilie said. “When I found out about the new location, I immediately felt like I would have the chance to create something full of life for the students.”

Natilie produced three different concepts, but she knew that having an underwater theme with fun mementos of Muskingum was going to fit the best with the space.

“This experience has helped me feel more comfortable with putting my name out there into the art and business world, not just on campus but also with my future career,” Natilie said. “As an artist this experience has helped me push myself in so many directions that I did not know I would go in. It tested my ability, and my eye for colors and design. It meant so much to me being able to leave a footprint of my time at Muskingum.

“I think overall, I am and will always be extremely grateful for the David and Karin Kratoville Innovation Fellows program, as well as Dr. Wilson for getting me involved. I feel like after being given this opportunity by the faculty and President Hasseler to do something major for not only the University but also the Art department, Muskingum is exactly the place I needed to be.”

Natilie Hill

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