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Call to Action: Muskingum University Responds to Recent Events
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Dear Members of the Muskingum University Community:
We at Muskingum University are deeply saddened and disturbed by the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This, and other recent incidents in which the lives of black Americans have been needlessly taken, highlights the fact that systemic discrimination is still very much a part of our everyday lives in the United States. Like so many others, we are grappling with how to respond to these events in a way that brings about healing and change.
The Long Magenta Line includes thousands of students, faculty, staff, and alumni representing a broad array of backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to embracing and honoring this rich diversity. However, these recent realities remind us that discrimination and acts of violence continue to get in the way of that commitment, with painful results for our students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community. We have already heard from many members of the Muskingum community indicating their intention to speak out against systemic bias and hatred and urging us to do the same. We greatly appreciate that encouragement and support.
Muskingum University is committed to building an inclusive community and to using all of our resources — faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the University— to deepen our understanding of systemic injustice and to take action to end all forms of discrimination, whether based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion or otherwise. This means that we will continue to reach out and enroll a diverse student body and make sure that ALL students are provided the support they need to succeed and thrive; that we will expand our efforts to equip the entire community with the tools for addressing discrimination and building community; that we will provide venues for our students to express their concerns and be part of the problem-solving process; that we will work with our local community leaders to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all who reside here, both on and off-campus; and that we will actively participate in systemic change initiatives in our region and beyond.
While we mourn with the families and friends of those who have been impacted by these acts of violence, we commit to turning anger to action and despair to restoration as we work tirelessly to build a new and better tomorrow. We invite you to join us in that commitment.  

Susan Hasseler, President
Kim Gage Rothermel, Chair, Board of Trustees
Cheryl Carpenter, President, Alumni Council
Steve Brockelbank, Vice President and Athletic Director
Nancy Evangelista, Provost
Phil Laube, Vice President for Finance and Operations
Shea McGrew, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Mark Sanford, Vice President for Graduate and Continuing Studies
Steve Soba, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Michael Malone, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Danyelle Gregory, Director of Diversity, Access and Inclusion
Daniel Vincent, Chief of University Police

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