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Day of Giving Supports Student Scholarships
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Muskingum University’s online Day of Giving took place on May 5, 2020, celebrating the theme  “Muskingum is Home.”
During the 1,837 minutes of #ADaytoRemember, 353 alumni and friends raised $51,442.97 for student scholarships.
Gifts came from 24 different states, with 62 reunion classes represented. For 89 Muskies, the Day of Giving marked their first gift to the University.
Memories were shared throughout the day in social media posts, photos, and videos around the many ways Muskingum is Home.
HOME is:

  • a safe ground to land on.
  • a place to be stretched.
  • a place to be nourished.
  • a place to grow.
  • finding our people.
  • finding our way.
  • where we are lifted up.
  • a place to belong.
  • a place to explore. 
  • where we find love.
  • where our true colors shine bright. 
  • where we celebrate!
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