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Nik Deogun '91: Guiding Crisis Communications
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Nik Deogun, CEO of the Americas and U.S. Senior Partner of the Brunswick Group, advises global corporate clients on business critical and crisis-related communications issues.

“We help clients from a broad range of industries manage their communications at critical times, focusing on financial, investor, social, and geopolitical issues,” Nik explains. “The COVID-19 crisis brings together all of those issues at the same time, across all industries and around the globe.”

“There is no bigger crisis than this one, in the way it is causing personal and financial hardship to so many people and organizations. In our work, we are helping clients focus on best practices to manage through the crisis at the same time as they prepare for the future once conditions improve.” 

“Because of our work in Asia, we began to see COVID-19 challenges at the beginning of the pandemic, and we began preparing to quickly pivot to the work-from-home model for all our employees. They seamlessly pulled together as we made the shift and we are able to work at full capacity.”  

“Our business is based on human interaction, and  it will be an ongoing challenge, for our group and for our clients, to find new ways of maintaining that critical element of engaging with other people in the era of social distancing.”

“The ability to be resilient is essential, for both individuals and organizations.  I grew up in India and graduated from the Doon School, so enrolling at Muskingum was an enormous life change for me.  My Muskingum experience went beyond gaining academic knowledge. As the co-editor  of the Black and Magenta,  I learned how to collaborate in a team, how to build strong connections  with others, and how to respond to the unexpected. I have found throughout my life that going through a crisis not only depends on one’s ability to be resilient,  but it also makes one’s resiliency even stronger for approaching change, uncertainty, or adversity.”

Before joining the Brunswick Group in 2018, Nik held several senior management and senior leadership roles at CNBC, including Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President, Business News.  He previously served  The Wall Street Journal as Deputy Managing Editor, where he oversaw all financial and international coverage for the paper and led its network of international bureaus and correspondents. 

Nik has served as a Muskingum University Trustee since 2014. He holds his Muskingum bachelor’s degree in English and Economics, a master’s degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and a Muskingum honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.  He and his wife Allison Kimmich ’91 reside in Montclair, New Jersey.

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