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Research Week Showcases Student Scholarly Work
Students at the Poster Presentation

Student scholarly work from across the academic programs was highlighted during Muskingum University’s annual Research Week.

On April 15, the James R. Bradford Colloquium featured senior capstone presentations by members of the Class of 2024. Nine student speakers selected by the faculty represented biology, chemistry, communication, media and theatre, exercise science, global studies, history, molecular biology, neuroscience, and sociology.

The Homer A. Anderson Lecture and the accompanying student Poster Presentation were held on April 18.

Anna Mayo ’17 delivered the Anderson Lecture. Currently a second-year medical student at Marshall University, she shared reflections and insights on her journey from Muskingum to medical school. A chemistry major and German minor, Anna worked as a chemist for Mylan and earned a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Research at Marshall University before enrolling in medical school. She has also completed two research and service trips to African nations.

Anna Mayo '17

The Poster Session following the Anderson Lecture encompassed 59 presentations from students across the curriculum. Represented majors included animal studies, biology, chemistry, computer science, conservation science, environmental history, exercise science, general engineering, history, molecular biology, nursing, and neuroscience.

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