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Tim Berichon ’84 Publishes Two New Books
Tim Berichon

Muskingum University graduate Timothy J. Berichon ’84 recently published two new books.

Even More Ready and Relevant (April 2022) builds upon his August 2020 work, Ready and Relevant: Prepare to Audit What Matters Most.  Both books focus on internal auditing strategies to advance organizations through agility, relevance, and responsiveness.

Get in the Middle: Internal Audit Leaders Who Made It Happen (April 2022) tells the stories of internal audit leaders and their teams whose risk-taking strategies benefited their organizations.

Tim earned his Muskingum Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree in Global Management from the University of Phoenix. His career has encompassed diverse global experiences in internal auditing, public accounting, finance, and strategic alliances.

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