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First Financial Literacy Program Completion Earned
Anna Chylik

Muskingum University student Anna Chylik ’26 recently became the first student to complete the University’s Financial Literacy Program, earning nine digital badges.

The Financial Literacy Program was first introduced during the Spring 2022 semester. Completion of the first two financial literacy badges – level one of the program – is embedded in the second First Year Experience course. Students can then complete six remaining badges online at their own pace, earning a ninth badge for completing the entire Financial Literacy Program. The eight content badges are grouped in four levels, so if a student completes two badges per academic year, they will finish the program by the time they graduate.

“I really enjoyed the financial literacy modules and feel that they were very beneficial for me,” Anna said. “After completing the first two in class last spring, I started the third one at the beginning of the fall semester this year and just kept on going. By the end of the semester in December 2023, I had finished them all. The information I learned is extremely helpful to me right now, and is it also helping me prepare for the future, especially as I plan to live off campus in my senior year.”  A criminal justice and psychology major, Anna’s long-term goals include earning a master’s degree in forensic psychology. She is active in the Delta Gamma Theta sorority and the Criminal Justice Club.

The nine badges students earn through the Financial Literacy Program include:

  • Paying for College (Level 1)
  • Money Management (Level 1)
  • Personal Credit (Level 2)
  • Personal Budgets (Level 2)
  • Protecting Your Finances (Level 3)
  • Business Budgets (Level 3)
  • Real-World Finance (Level 4)
  • Insurance Basics (Level 4)
  • Financial Literacy Program Completion

To date, 665 Muskingum students have participated in the Financial Literacy Program, with 444 of them earning at least one digital badge. A total of 1,103 financial literacy badges have been granted.

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