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Muskies Honor Black History Month Across Campus
African American Students hosting a BHM trivia Table in the Bait shop on campus during Lunch Hour

As Muskingum University celebrates Black History Month through several events across campus, the marketing team spoke with Danyelle Gregory, director of Diversity, Access, and Inclusion (DAI), to discuss a bit more about planned events and how to get involved.

Danyelle Gregory headshot

Danyelle Gregory

Director of Diversity Access and Inclusion (DAI)

DAI collaborated with Muskie student organizations to deliver an exciting lineup of events throughout February with the theme "Black History is American History." Example events include a game show, trivia events, a fashion show, and multiple film screenings. “Today in Black History” daily emails will also be sent, all designed to educate, inspire, and raise the conversation.

Black History Month Events Flyer

A few questions with Danyelle:   

Q: Why is it Important to Celebrate and Educate on Campus during Black History Month?

A: Giving the campus an overview of what African Americans have endured, how they have helped shape the formation of this country, and who was vital in advocating for many of the liberties we enjoy today are equally as important as understanding where we are headed on campus, in the community, and in the country.

Q: How did the activities around campus come about?

A: Dr. Allison Gunter (Professor of Education) and I came together with the ideas of numerous events like film screenings, as well as the “Today in Black History” daily campus emails. Muskingum Student Life was also approached by CEP Incorporated, a novelty entertainment company, about hosting an event on campus which became the Black History themed game show on February 13th at 9pm, which is going to be so much fun. The set alone takes 3 hours to build so it will be a full-scale production which I’m encouraging as many people as possible to attend.

Q: Speaking of events, are there others you’re looking forward to?
A: One of the most anticipated events on campus is the Tie-Dye-Versity event which focuses on intersectional identities with each color representing a different identity. Students will tie-dye shirts based on various parts of those identities. Another great event will be the Black Student Union-led fashion show on February 15th at 6pm.

Q: How can Muskies get involved?

 A: Share the information you have learned with others outside of our campus and take the opportunity to learn and spread the word. There are also links at the bottom of each BHM email that elaborate on the topic of each day.

I think this is a welcomed undertaking and as long as we remain consistent and persistent, this level of activity will become a great tradition at Muskingum University!

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