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Dr. Meyer Interviewed  About Pandemic Psychology and Public’s COVID Vaccine Reluctance
Dinah Meyer

Muskingum University Chair and Professor of Psychology Dr. Dinah Meyer was interviewed on February 22, 2021 by WBNS 10TV in Columbus and by WOSU Radio/NPR on February 23, 2021 about Pandemic Psychology and some reasons why people are reluctant to have the COVID vaccine once it becomes available to them. 

Dr. Meyer is currently teaching a course on the “Psychology of Pandemics.”

"The core of it really is that a lot of people just don't trust science because they don't understand it," she said.

Dr. Meyer discussed how “confirmation bias,” “negativity bias,” and the spread of fear on social media can contribute to the negative attitudes.

She also offered tips on how to talk with someone who is fearful of the vaccine and share information about the vaccine’s safety in ways that can encourage them to rethink their views.

Watch Dr. Meyer's WBNS TV interview Psychology of Pandemics: Why some people are hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine and how to talk about it |

Listen to her WOSU Radio interview, beginning around the 18:00 minute mark, Wellness Wednesday: Pandemic Psychology And Vaccine Skepticism | WOSU Radio.

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