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Sierra Hammons '21 Awarded National Scholarship
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The American Proficiency Institute (API) recently announced that Muskie Sierra Hammons ‘21 is one of just five laboratory science students nationally to earn a $2,000 scholarship.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, the vital importance of medical laboratory scientists has risen in consciousness,” explained Daniel C. Edson, President of API. “We are proud to continue for the 13th year scholarship support for the clinical laboratory profession.”

“The world is getting a crash course in lab information and I love it,” exclaimed Ms. Hammons. “We see how much work, knowledge, research and expertise goes into developing, running, and obtaining laboratory results. Now the spotlight is on us and people can see how important this field is.”

“All of these scholarship winners have persevered to pursue their medical laboratory education,” noted Mr. Edson. “One returned to college after practicing as a nurse, a few have experienced deep, personal losses that influenced their future career choice, and most are working and saving to finance their own education.  This is a determined group of students that will serve well the laboratory profession.”

The American Proficiency Institute is one of the largest proficiency testing providers in the world, serving over 20,000 laboratories.  API offers innovative solutions and technical excellence for the proficiency testing needs of hospital and reference laboratories, physician offices, clinics, and point-of-care testing sites. 

Way to go Sierra!   

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