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Muskingum University Launches Leadership Academy for Students
The Muskingum Leadership Academy

This month, Muskingum University launched the Muskingum Leadership Academy (MLA) for its students. The Muskingum Leadership Academy, leadership education through applied development, begins with a weekend intensive workshop and then operates on a two-year themed cycle.

“The Muskingum Leadership Academy provides programming that guides students through understanding the partnerships between leaders and followers toward achieving their goals. MLA introduces a curriculum that students can apply to their areas of concentration,” said Associated Director of Applied Leadership Dr. Henry Stanford. “Our Muskingum Leadership Academy interactive workshop aimed to help students understand and experience aspects of emotional intelligence while defining their definition of a leader.”

On Jan. 20 and 21, 34 students participated in the inaugural day-long workshop, Developing the Leader, which focused on emotional intelligence. The day included sessions on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and emotional intelligence in leadership.  

Business major Korey Robinson ’25 from Columbus, Ohio enjoyed the interactive activities. “It was interesting to learn about the different emotions and empathy.”

Muskingum alumni William Goetz ’86, Chief Executive Officer of DYMA Brands, and Darrell Hazell ’86, former Wide Receivers Coach for the Minnesota Vikings, presented on emotional intelligence as it relates to working with people.

“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in activities like this on campus,” said Laney Hitchens ’25, a Digital Media Design major from Pleasant City, Ohio. “I went into the academy with a broad idea of what leadership meant. One thing that stuck with me after I left was that leadership is much more than just being a leader, and to be a successful leader, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The additional three workshops, which will be offered over the next three semesters, include Empowering the Follower, Understand the Context, and Achieving the Goal. MLA participants also meet in small groups three times each semester to develop that semester’s theme. They are guided in how to apply the curriculum to their area of concentration or interest, whether that be academics, athletics, or clubs and organizations.

Students will receive a digital badge for each semester they complete and a certificate if they complete all four semesters.

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