Minute with a Muskie

Owen Williams
Class of ‘05
Owen Williams

Owen Williams, ’05, was a transfer student who spent two and a half years as a Muskie. "After having started college at a much larger school, it was so refreshing to feel like I was part of a community instead of feeling like a number in a database,” he recalls

Williams, an art major, has built his career in graphic design. Currently a graphic designer in the marketing department at Quanex Building Products, he has applied his skills in a broad range of settings, including positions with print shops, a book publisher, a hospital, and a newspaper.

“Attending Muskingum gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities to forge a career for myself," Williams says. "The encouragement and assistance I received, along with my training and coursework, helped me decide that graphic design was something I could pursue outside of the standard options available to an art major."  He's excited about the opportunities that current Muskies have to explore this field: "I know that Muskingum has expanded their course offerings even further into digital media and design than when I was a student.”

For Williams, the highlights of his Muskingum career are not difficult to name: “The guidance and genuine care I received from my professors was invaluable. Of course, meeting  my wife was the best part by far!" Williams married a fellow Muskie and they are now the parents of two daughters.

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