Message from the Health and Safety Team - January 20, 2022

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

We are writing today with an update on the University’s COVID-19 status.

The shifting operations in the dining hall and BAIT Shop/Starbucks have caused some concern about the University’s operations.  Please be assured that these modifications are temporary, and regular service will be resumed as soon as Aramark is able to restore staffing and health practices that protect the health and safety of its employees and anyone who eats there.

This spring, you may have noticed more students and employees in isolation or quarantine than during fall semester.  The increases are modest but are having an impact on operations. This is happening for several reasons. First, we typically see an increase in positive cases following a return to campus from break. Second, the new quarantine guidelines require 5 days of quarantine for anyone whose vaccination is not up to date, which was not the CDC’s standard we followed in the fall. Third, the omicron variant seems to be more easily transmitted than prior variants of the COVID virus.

The University’s Health & Safety Team continues to monitor conditions on campus and adjust policies to meet changing guidelines and current campus needs.  Muskingum University continues our commitment to our face-to-face living and learning environment and believes our current health and safety measures will ensure a great spring semester.  

We do, however, need to remain vigilant in following our COVID mitigation strategies; so, what are some things you can do to help? 

  • Get your vaccine and/or booster shot!  Less people in quarantine means less interruption to your educational program and the University’s services.
    • The University will host another vaccination clinic on February 10, 2022.  More details will be shared at a later date; however, if you would like to get your vaccination or booster before that time, please visit the CDC's website to find a local location to receive your vaccine.
  • Report if you have any symptoms of COVID: COVID-19 Notification Form
  • Be sure to wear your mask in indoor spaces.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.
  • Be flexible, be understanding, and be kind.

We can do this, Muskies!

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