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Microsoft 365 Conversion Homepage

Welcome to the home for information regarding our conversion to Microsoft 365

Muskingum is moving our email services from Zimbra to Microsoft 365.  This website will be the home for information regarding these upgrades.  If you have any questions, please feel to contact us at  Please check this page throughout the summer for updated information.

The link for Microsoft 365 is:

The default password for your new Microsoft 365 account will be:

  • First 2 characters of first name (lower case)
  • First 2 characters of last name (lower case)
  • Exclamation point "!"
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN or the last 4 digits of your Muskingum ID number

For example:  John Smith's password would be -   josm!xxxx  where xxxx is the last 4 digits of his SSN

To change your password in Microsoft 365:

  • Log into Microsoft 365
  • Click on the gear icon (Settings) at the top of the page near your initials
  • Click on "Change your password"

The password requirements are:

  • At least 8 characters long and must contain at least one character from at least 3 of the 4 following types of characters:
    • Upper case
    • Lower case
    • Numbers
    • Special characters

It is recommended not to use any actual words/names in your password, as the system may reject the password as too easy to guess.


Check out our online documentation here   You can either log in with your Microsoft 365 account or use these login credentials:

Password: Tr@ining



Updated: 8/25/19:

Junk Email:  You should check your Junk Email folder often.

Several tips for dealing with your Junk Email folder:

  • You can move any folder, including Junk Email, into your Favorites so that it shows up in the "Favorites" area at the top of the list of your folders.  To do this, right-click on the folder and select "Add to Favorites".
  • If a message has been put into your Junk Email folder and it is not Junk, you can right-click on it and mark it as not junk or even mark it so that email from the sender will not be considered for "junk" status any more.  This works differently in Desktop Outlook vs the Web Outlook.  If you have any questions, please let us know at

Updated: 8/18/19:

To log into your Microsoft 365 account, you will need to use your entire email address (e.g.   To log into any other Muskingum electronic resources (e.g. Blackboard and MuskieLink), you will use your Username (e.g. jsmith1).  The password you set in Microsoft 365 will be the password for your Muskingum electronic accounts.

Settings Tips:

For most Settings changes, you will need to change the setting in each application where you view your email/calendar (Web, Mobile, Desktop).

Where can I find Settings in the Mobile App and on the Web?

  • Mobile - Tap the icon at the top left of the screen then tap on the gear (Settings)
  • Web - Log into 365, open Outlook, click on the gear (Settings) on the page (top right)

Here are two settings for which we have received the most change requests:

  • "Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important email messages are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the Other tab."  By default, the Focused Inbox is enabled for your email accounts. You can disable this in Settings.   For the desktop version of Outlook, you can find this setting in the View tab.
  • Conversation view - All of the messages within the same thread are all listed together, sorted by date.  The other option is to view each message individually.  This can also be disabled in Settings, also on the View tab in the desktop version of Outlook.

Updated: 7/4/19:

If you have a device (not a university computer) checking your Zimbra email, please make sure the device stops checking before we begin your conversion.  Devices trying to check for email after we have changed your Zimbra password could lead to a delay in moving your email to Microsoft 365.

If you were forwarding your Muskingum email to an off-campus email address, that forwarding will not occur after your account has been moved to Microsoft 365.


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