Academic Catalog

Grading Policy

Grades are assigned on a scale ranging from A, excellent, to F, failing. The grades’ equivalent quality points are: A, 4.00; A-, 3.67; B+, 3.33; B, 3.00; B-, 2.67; C+, 2.33; C, 2.00; C-, 1.67; D+, 1.33; D, 1.00; D-, 0.67; and F, 0.00. Other grades are WIP, for work in progress; I, incomplete; S, satisfactory (C- or above); U, unsatisfactory (D+ or below); W, withdrawn; L, audit; and NR, not reported.

The grade of work in progress (WIP) is given in a course where work has been recognized as requiring research, study or participation beyond the normal limits of a semester. It may be used for departmental senior studies (400-level courses), for courses involving outside observation hours or for students in the PLUS learning disabilities program.

An Incomplete (I) indicates that unusual personal or technical circumstances, including illness and family emergencies, have prevented the student from completing course requirements.

Except in extraordinary circumstances failure to complete the required work by the last day of the immediately subsequent semester reduces the WIP or I to an F. No student is awarded a degree with a record which includes a WIP or an I.

*Graduate students should refer to the Graduate Catalog.

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