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Do you have questions about the Master of Business Information Systems Program?

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is the Master of Business Information Systems degree?

MBIS is an online, graduate-level program leading to a master’s degree. MBIS prepares participants by providing the knowledge and skills to succeed in positions of leadership or influence within an organization that work at the intersection of business strategy and technology.

Are there other degree programs like MBIS?

MBIS is a unique and innovative master’s program designed to deliver learning through project-based courses. Students work within project teams and interact on-line, the mediums through which they acquire the knowledge and skills to complete the program and earn their degree. Presented with authentic business challenges participants work together to identify and analyze problems, develop appropriate business strategies, align technology to support their strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies. The strength of MBIS is that participants experience learning and can immediately apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to their personal responsibilities. While other programs focus on theory, knowledge and how to develop skills, MBIS demonstrates learning, preparing participants for immediate success.  

What will I learn that will prepare me to work at the intersection of business strategy and information technology in my organization?

MBIS was designed and is grounded on the assumption that participants will bring with them a rich variety of professional experiences and expertise, the overarching framework of the program is to merge the experience of work and learning. This philosophy and approach is made manifest in a number of ways:

Participants in the program maintain their employment, creating the opportunity to immediately apply their acquired knowledge and skills to their work, adding value and benefits to their organizations.

MBIS employs project-based learning, an action-learning approach.

Courses are presented as authentic business challenges that are completed by teams who work together to analyze the problem, identify and acquire needed knowledge, and develop solutions.

Upon completion of the program, participant will master an inquiry process that enables career-long learning in the context of working.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

MBIS provides flexibility to every student. While the program is designed to be completed in as little as two years, it also offers the flexibility for you to take the program at your own pace, based upon your personal and professional schedule.

What are the admission requirements?

Application for admission into the MBIS program will be made to Graduate and Continuing Studies. Admissions decisions will be made by the Vice President of Graduate & Continuing Studies upon recommendation of the MBIS faculty. If you would like to discuss whether the program is right for you, please call 740-826-8467 to talk to an advisor.

To be admitted into the Master of Business Information Systems, prospective participants must:

  • Fill out and submit a completed Admission Application.
  • Submit a resume

Submit original transcripts from all previous higher education institutions at which credit was earned. Transcripts must be sent directly to the University from the previous higher education institution in an officially sealed envelope.

Provide a letter of recommendation.

For international participants from non-English-speaking nations: submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores. Minimum acceptable scores:

  • Written test -- 550
  • Computer-based-- 213
  • Internet TOEFL--  79

Applicants who do not have undergraduate coursework in computer science, information systems or business will be considered for admission, but may be asked to complete additional coursework or provide additional information, such as:

Strong evidence to support an understanding of technology and its use in their organization

An indication for how the program fits into their career paths.

** While previous academic achievement suggests likelihood of success in graduate studies, Muskingum University recognizes that individual circumstances and experience may mitigate usual standards of achievement. Individuals who feel that the admission criteria do not accurately measure their own capability, performance and commitment to professional success may submit additional or alternative evidence of their achievement and potential.

Do the courses require research, individual assignments and examination?

The program requires participants to conduct research, complete assignments and take examinations.  These graded activities are used to measure the individual’s performance. Participants receive a personal “library” of required books and software.  The print and electronic materials and access to databases are provided as part of the cost of the program. Much of the research is conducted on the Web; participants may also use the Muskingum University library on-line, including access through the library to OhioLink and OPAL. 

What financial assistance is available?

Participants have access to the normal federal and other loans available for graduate study. Employers may pay some or all of the costs of the program. For more information on federal loan programs see the following site:

Any questions may be directed to: or 740-826-8467

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