Graduate Teacher Education

Applied Leadership

Applied leadership is the act of purposefully and artfully employing one’s knowledge of the attributes of extraordinary leadership to manage a team in deploying groundbreaking answers to problems and challenges for safeguarding, realizing, and enhancing the mission, vision, and core values of an organization. The purpose of the Applied Leadership program is to prepare completers of the program to participate in and become leaders of a broad array of organizations. In particular, the Applied Leadership program allows one to focus on such organizations as corporate businesses, entrepreneurships, healthcare facilities, higher education administration and student affairs, nonprofit agencies, philanthropic foundations, public service entities, and sports administration.

Non-Licensure Program (30 credit hours)

Core Courses (6 Credit Hours)
EDAL/EDUC 607 Informed Decision Making (3)
EDAL/EDUC 708 High-Impact Communication (3)

Professional Education Courses (24 Credit Hours)
EDAL/EDUC 650 Work Teams: A Means for Positive Systemic Change (3)
EDAL/EDUC 721 Ethical Leadership and Policy Development (3)
EDAL/EDUC 750 Leadership Literacy: Applying Theory to Practice (3)
EDAL/EDUC 755 Conflict Management (3)
EDAL/EDUC 759 Project Management (3)
EDAL/EDUC 851 Systems Thinking (3)
EDAL/EDUC 907 Design Thinking (3)
EDAL 910 Capstone Application Seminar (3)

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