End of the Fall 2020 Semester FAQ’s

Academic Needs 

Q: I am not currently quarantined, but my family and I prefer that I return home and work remotely for the last week of classes. Do I need to do anything to notify my professors that I am returning home? 
A: Since classes will move to remote instruction for the final week of classes and exams (11/18 - 11/24), there is no need to notify your instructors that you will be working remotely from home.    But you should check your Muskingum University email and your Blackboard class announcements frequently to make sure that you are up-to-date for all of your classes.  

Q: If I choose to remain on campus through the last week of the semester, what facilities will be open for studying? 
A: Computer labs will be open in academic buildings and in the residence halls.  The library will be open; check the library schedule online  for library hours.  

Q: If I choose to return home, what are my responsibilities?
A: You must have the appropriate technology to connect with the Blackboard learning system and to use Microsoft Teams. In addition, you must have time available in your schedule to meet during your regularly scheduled classes via Teams. 

Q: I need to record a video presentation for a class.   Where can I do this? 
A: The computers in the library, and in the Walter Hall 010 computer lab have cameras and microphones built-in.  And don’t forget that laptops and phones have cameras and microphones built in as well. 

Q: I use the Microsoft 365 online version. Is this OK for accessing all of my assignments and storing my work?  
A: Although the online version will work, downloading Microsoft 365 is highly recommended. There are lot more features and it is free to all Muskingum University students and employees. Click on this demonstration video for Office 365 download to see how to do it. Then download onto your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop!  

Q: I need some help with my academic work. Where do I go?
A: Please talk with your instructor, advisor or contact Dr. Amstutz-Szalay at immediately. We want you to finish the semester well. 

Residence Halls and Dining 

Q: What do I need to do to check out of my residence hall for break? 
A: Please:

  • Close and lock your room windows 
  • Remove trash and perishable food items 
  • Defrost and unplug mini refrigerators, unplug everything from electrical outlets (except full size appliances in Townhouses and Lakeside spaces) and turn off your air conditioners. 
  • Turn off lights, lock your door, and complete the check out form taped to your door by your RA. 

Q: Do I need to sign up for a move-out slot? 
A: You do not need to sign-up for a specific slot, but you will need to complete the sign-out information sheet on your door to indicate that you have followed all move-out procedures.  

Q: May I have my family help me move out for the break? 
A: One family member can assist you in moving your items from your residence hall into your vehicle. They must wear masks at all times and follow social distancing in the corridors, elevators and stairwells. 

Q: May I leave items in my room over break? 
A: Yes, students can leave items they will not need during break in their rooms. The buildings will be secured during the break. 

Q: Will dining services be open until the end of the semester?
A: Beginning on November 18, all dining services will be takeout only. The Bait Shop and Patton Dining will close at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, November 25. 

Health and Safety  

Q: Will I need to complete the MuskieSafe app over break? 
A: Once you return home we will not be collecting the MuskieSafe health checks, but we encourage you to continue to monitor your health every day.   As we prepare for your spring return, you will get additional information about resuming MuskieSafe daily health checks. 

Q: What if I feel ill over break?  Should I contact the Wellness Center? 
A: You should consult your personal physician.   The Wellness Center will resume providing health-related services to students when the spring semester begins.  

Q: Will students be required to quarantine and/or be tested when they return to campus? 
A: We are still developing our spring return-to-campus protocols.   You will need to check the Muskingum University COVID-19 website frequently and check your email for notifications.    

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