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Eric Law

Associate Professor of Geology
102 Boyd Science Center
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Research Interests
• Petrology
• Geomorphology
• Isotope geology
• Regional geology
Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University.
B.S. National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China.

Doctor Law loves geology since the first year of his undergraduate study. He is eagerly looking forward to discuss and to explore the following geologic topics with you, that include but not excluded to:

Oil and gas shale;
Reservoir sandstone;
Reservoir limestone;
Ground storage of waste water and CO2; Application of fractal in geology; Gemstones;
Granitic rocks;
Basaltic rocks;
Kimberlite (diamond bearing rocks);
Plate tectonics; Subduction, in particular.
Radiometric dating;
Oxygen and carbon isotopes;
Geological history;
All types of landforms: mountains, hills, river, cave, coastline, plateau, planets, etc.
Erosion of land (called "denudation")
Engineering geology;
Issues in environmental geology;
Issues in Creation vs. Evolution debate;

What is your interest? If it is geology related, he is surely interested to talk to you. Email him.

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