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How Can I Access My Personal Web Space?

All Faculty, Staff, Students, and [Registered] Student Organizations may access their personal web space using an FTP client. WS_FTP Light Edition is the supported and recommended method of posting files. A simple guide for using WS_FTP can be found here. For computers that do not have access to the WS_FTP program, you can download it here.

To access posted files, users point their browsers to this URL--

Note: Your home page filename should be index.html.

Note: Many more tips and useful sites are outlined in this document.

How Can My Campus Organization (Fraternities, Sororities, and Clubs) Register for Web Space?

Your Staff-Faculty Advisor *or* Student Life must submit a request to the web manager for web accounts to be created. When this account is created, the web space is setup for you as well as an email address.

A password is also assigned and can be changed at any time with the approval of the Staff-Faculty advisor. This is done for security reasons to protect the organization from having their web page taken over.

What Is The Amount Of Storage Space For My Web Space?

All users are granted 20MB of storage space for web space. For a perspective of how much space this really is, consider this-- a web page is usually less than 100KB in size, and there are 1024KB in 1MB. This means you can have up to 200 pages, give or take. However, it is important to understand that graphics-- especially photos-- use a lot more space. An average 4x6 photo can take up 500KB or more. Therefore, you may want to find ways to resize or compress your photos before uploading them to the web.

To find out how big your web site (including graphics) is, place all of your files inside of a folder on your computer or disk. Right Click on the folder and choose Properties. The window that appears will tell you the total size of the files.

What Web Publishing Software Is Available And Supported For Creating My Pages?

CNS provides and installs Amaya on all university-owned computers, including public lab computers. Other free web authoring software that has been used include PageBreeze, and Trellian WebPage.

Macromedia Contribute is available for Staff and Faculty members who are posting to the template based Muskingum University site. For more information on this process, please contact

Is Microsoft FrontPage Supported?

Although Microsoft FrontPage can be used for simple page generation, users should be aware that many enhanced options in FrontPage (known as FrontPage Extensions and VBScript) are NOT supported and will NOT work on the Muskingum University server. For this reason, we strongly recommend that users avoid FrontPage for page development. Microsoft dropped the Frontpage product in late 2006 and web pages designed using Frontpage Extensions are no longer recommended for compatibility reasons.

Is "This Feature" Supported?

Currently, our web server allows for HTML, Flash, JavaScript, and CSS processing only, and we do not offer PHP, ASP, or other enhanced web languages at this time.

I Am A Graduating Student... Can I Keep My Web Space After Graduation?

Student accounts are kept intact for one year beyond the date of last attendance.

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