Choose Muskingum

Choose Muskingum

Choosing the right college is a huge decision, and we know you’re going to get it right.

  • Are you looking for a safe & beautiful campus, potentially right in your backyard? 
  • World-class education? 
  • Want to attend one of the most affordable Universities in Ohio?
  • Flexible in-person and online learning?
  • Looking to transfer or begin a new career? 
  • Unlimited career opportunities? 

Choose the path that’s perfect for you. Choose Muskingum.

The Health And Wellness Complex

The HWC is the largest project in the University’s history that will transform campus and the student experience.More

Life at Muskingum

Looking for something to do? We’ve got you covered... and then some.More


We have 24 NCAA D-III teams that compete in the OAC. Recent additions include Esports, Archery, and STUNT.More


Muskingum’s average net cost places it among the most affordable private institutions in Ohio.More

Muskingum campus landscape

Choose your future.

Choose Muskingum

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